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How to repair the gear pump?


Just as our car will be bad, the gear pump will be in the unreasonable use process, or the natural wear process will have problems. The general situation is noise. This can be seen through our eyes.

The gear pump will increase in noise after a long period of use. This is because the tooth profile is worn out. Generally, the wear is slight. We can repair it ourselves. It can be repaired with the purchased sandpaper. If the gear pump wears out. In a serious situation, we can find a special person to grind a little on the flat grinding machine.

What should I do with the top of the gear? Many customers call to ask about this situation. Hon Hai Pump Industry tells you: First of all, we can plate the outer circle. If we can't solve the problem, we can only change the gear.

All the gear pumps purchased in our company's Hon Hai pump industry, our after-sales personnel will track the use of your gear pump, to bring convenience to customers to solve problems, we think about customers, customer satisfaction makes us strive.

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