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Gear oil pump repair after wear


1. Repair of the drive shaft and bushing of the diesel engine gear oil pump After the wear of the drive shaft and the bushing, the weight of the drive gear itself and the radial thrust generated when the driven gear meshes make it easy to produce uneven wear on the shaft and the bushing hole, which increases the clearance. Therefore, the oil will leak due to the increase of the gap during operation, and the amount of oil supply will decrease.
After the shaft and bushings wear out, use the bushing or bushing method to restore the fit clearance. When the journal wear is slight, simply press out the old bushing and replace it with a new one, and the shaft is generally not repaired so that the fit clearance can be restored to the allowable range. When the shaft and bush wear are severe and the clearance increases greatly, not only the bushing must be replaced, but also the shaft is chrome plated or vibrated to increase the diameter and then ground to a standard size to restore the journal. Fitting requirements for bushings.
2. Repair of the casing and gear teeth of the pump casing After the wear of the pump casing and gear teeth, the pump oil quantity has a great influence. When the shaft and the bushing or the shaft hole are seriously worn, the top surfaces of the teeth and the inner surface of the pump housing will have undesired contact. Because the pressure of the oil chamber is higher than that of the oil chamber, under the effect of pressure difference, the top of the gear is in contact with the inlet of the pump casing. Therefore, the inner cavity of the pump casing is worn more here, so that the internal cavity and the tooth The top clearance increases. As a result, the pressure difference between the oil pump inlet and outlet oil chambers is reduced, and the scraping and oil pressure of the gear teeth are reduced, resulting in a drop in the oil supply pressure and a decrease in the amount of pump oil. The wear of the pump casing cavity is generally repaired by a bushing method.
Secondly, due to the wear of the gear teeth in the tooth thickness direction, the meshing gap of the main and driven gears is increased. The wear is characterized by a heavier wear on one side, so the gear can be turned 180 degrees to use.
3. There is a certain gap between the end surface of the repair gear after the gear end surface and the pump cover are worn out and the inner surface of the pump cover, and the end surface gap is called. The wear caused by the contact surface between the end surface of the gear and the inner surface of the pump cover will increase the gap of the end surface. When the limit is exceeded, the oil quantity of the pump will be significantly affected.
When the end face of the gear is worn, the end face can be flattened and the disassembled surface of the oil pump housing can be ground at the same time to ensure that the end clearance of the pump is within the required range.

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